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Screen porch and deck with railing added to a Middleton, Wisconsin home by TDS Custom Construction.
Christi Transforming a Wisconsin Garage into a  “High-Performance” Workshop

TDS Design Build’s very own Director of Design & Architect, Christi Weber, recounts how she and her husband turned their detached garage into a high-performance…

Your Guide to How TDS Constructs Design/Build Budgets

Our Three-Step Process  Defining a construction or remodel budget can be intimidating. But with TDS Custom Construction, you can rest assured your budget is in…

Planning a Green Remodeling or Construction Project?

Start here with our tips for what you must do before you start a remodeling or building project. Are you considering a remodeling project that…

Remodeling Checklist

Remodeling Checklist

Oct 12 2021

Follow along for the continuation of this blog series—where we’ll first update you on the mechanical systems (heat and ventilation) that we used for the home, then share some interesting data points on the home’s energy performance.

Near-west Madison, Wisconsin kitchen remodel with WoodHarbor cabinets, ceramic tile, and quartz countertops, designed and built by TDS Custom Construction. How to Make Your 2021 Kitchen Remodel Work for You

When the pandemic hit, we all started comparing notes with each other about the new reality of “safer at home”, and about how we were getting through it.

Lower level remodel that includes a guest suite with many beautiful details: wallpaper, brass reading lights, and custom cabinets. By TDS Custom Construction of Madison, Wisconsin. Language Matters: Why TDS Custom Construction Is Adopting the Term “Primary Bedroom” to Replace “Master Bedroom” Terminology

Over the past few months, TDS has made the decision to start using the terms Primary Bedroom, Primary Bathroom, and Primary Suite to refer to the largest bedroom and bathroom in a house. We have made the decision as a company to move away from the antiquated terminology of Master Bedroom/Suite.

Nissan Lead Madison TDS Custom Construction Takes the Nissan Leaf out for a Spin

Since our beginnings here at TDS in 1985, our commitment to the environment has been a driving force.

A whole home remodel for a classic home in Maple Bluff, WI by TDS Custom Construction. Everything You Need to Know About Creating Your Ideal Workspace at Home

Let’s face it; working from home can be tricky, even during the best of times. Partners, kids, and pets barge on screen in Zoom calls.

Mid-Century Modern Carport Redesign

We recently restored a mid-century modern attached garage addition on a Madison area home.