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Everything You Need to Know About Creating Your Ideal Workspace at Home

Your Home Office Checklist

A whole home remodel for a classic home in Maple Bluff, WI by TDS Custom Construction.

Let’s face it; working from home can be tricky, even during the best of times. Partners, kids, and pets barge on screen in Zoom calls. Laundry piling up within eyesight begs to be folded, and the siren call of daytime TV can be hard to ignore. Now that working from home has become the new norm, having a comfortable workspace tailored to your specific needs can make a huge improvement in your productivity and mood.

Creating a great home office presents a unique challenge, whether you are adding on or remodeling an existing or multi-use room. So, it’s important to hire an experienced design/build team. TDS Custom Construction can help you define your priorities for your space, and use our knowledge and creativity to build a custom home office that fits your needs.

Read on for our thoughts on the things you should consider when you need to bring your workspace home.

What makes a functional workspace at home? Defining your specific needs:

The ideal home office has ample storage, natural light, and privacy—both for work calls and to signal the end of the day by shutting a door. If you don’t exclusively work from home, designing an office that can double as a guest room or other less often used space is a wise decision. Built-in Murphy beds and additional storage can create a flexible and useful space in any existing room. Or consider a home addition and build the office space of your dreams.

Finding the right spot in the house is essential, too. Do you work better with a window, or do you need an enclosed space free from distractions—or something in between? Where are you best able to manage distracting sounds? Additionally, creating an ergonomic workstation is very important for long term health. Convertible sit/stand desks or multiple workstations give flexibility for your daily tasks. Integrated filing cabinets and other custom built-ins can make existing spaces work for you! 

A whole home remodel for a classic home in Maple Bluff, WI by TDS Custom Construction.
A whole home remodel for a classic home in Maple Bluff, WI by TDS Custom Construction.

Your home office checklist: 

How much should you expect to spend on a home office remodel?

The scope of work in home office remodeling varies greatly. Whether it’s a wall of smartly designed custom built-ins added to an existing space that would transform a room into an office, or whether you’re ready for a full room addition—the price points can vary greatly depending on what you have in mind. Rest assured that regardless of your budget, a comfortable and functional home office design is in reach for you. For a more specific budget range for your home office needs, get in touch!

Creating your perfect home workspace

Home office needs, desires, and possibilities are endless! And finding the best design for your needs and space can be an engaging, inspiring process. Find out what a smart design team can come up with to make your home office a productive sanctuary.