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Cute dog sitting on new deck built as part of whole home remodeling project in Maple Bluff.

“You have a wonderful staff that does a great job. They are very professional, friendly and helpful in every way.”

Marianne & Nancy

“Your staff was wonderful and we never felt like we were stressed.”


TDS has been great to work with on this project and earlier projects too. Thanks for the great work.

Jane & Jonathan

“I have been meaning to email you and all the team from TDS who helped transform my home last summer. It is absolutely wonderful! I love the work you did, my new space is perfect for me, so open so beautiful and sunny, just lovely! My new kitchen inspires me every day, Thank you and the whole team for doing such great work, Shawn was so meticulous it really shows in the final results. Again I can’t tell you how happy I am with your work, You are all rock stars!”


“We really enjoyed (your crew.) All were considerate and hard-working when weather and conditions were not optimal.”

Diana & Wes

“It was always easy to get questions answered and it was a pleasure to have TDS people in our home. Everyone was courteous and professional. Also big kudos to (our lead carpenter, who, by the end, was like a member of our family) His calm professionalism and obvious skill made it possible for us to relax and have confidence that the project could be a success.”


“I am 100% happy.”


“Top notch staff. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Working with you has been a pleasure. We are extremely satisfied with our transformed kitchen.”

Wiecki & Lubbers

“We are delighted with the results and the process, from the first consult to final install, was very efficient and manageable. This was fun for us, the normal remodel stress was minimal thanks to TDS.”

Anne & Don

“The project turned out better than we could have expected. The design and craftsmanship is excellent.”

Chris & Erika

“It was a pleasure to work with each person from TDS. It left us with good feelings and memories from the process.”

John & Lorie

“It’s been 8 years. 8 years ago today (April 13, 2004) we lost our home in the gas explosion on Division Street. At that moment, our lives were forever changed. But it was also 8 years ago that we had the good fortune to connect with you and the amazing TDS team. A few months after the explosion, you were on-site, building a new home which helped us to start our lives over. To begin again. And every night now, as I walk home from the bus stop and see the beautiful house in the distance, I count blessings. So today, we just want to say ‘Thank You.’ Again.”

Phil & Kevin

“(Your carpenter) did an incredible job – with carpentry/craftsmanship as well as coordination, communication, and respect and care for our home throughout the process. The construction process and the outcome really couldn’t have been better. (The designer) was also very helpful in finalizing design details and decisions.”


“We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how very much we have appreciated everything that (your carpenters) have done for us and our home. There are several things that have stood out as particularly impressive. One thing that both of us have valued immensely is the manner in which (your carpenter) handled unexpected challenges (read “problems”) in the work. He clearly described the problem, communicated options, outlined potential solutions, sought our input, provided his advice, and then worked to come to an agreement with us on how to proceed. The result was that we always felt informed and satisfied that the best possible course of action was being taken.

Another thing that constantly impressed us about both (your carpenters is their incredible talent). Their work is simply exquisite.

We find (your staff) to be exceedingly pleasant. We have heard many friends and colleagues comment about how they find it problematic to have workers in their homes. On the contrary, we have enjoyed tremendously having (your staff) working with us and look forward to the opportunity to have them in and around our home again.”

Pat & Sandra

“You built us a lovely porch. Thank you.”


“We felt extremely pleased with the team of workers. We felt we could especially trust (our lead carpenter) to provide suggestions, do meticulous work, and follow up with concerns. He was respectful of our privacy and always cleaned up well each night. I truly felt that (your carpenters) treated this house as if it were theirs. Communication was excellent and they often had to re-explain renovation changes or problems and never once were we self-conscious regarding asking questions. They were professional yet at the same time very open, funny and truly enjoyable to have around. I actually miss them. Thanks for everything.”

Monica & John

“We really enjoyed working with (all your staff). But working with (our lead carpenter) on a day to day basis was the icing on the cake. He was always so professional, calm, and just a nice guy to work with.”

Kevin & Phil

“We’re very happy with how project turned out and have recommended TDS to several people considering remodeling projects.”

Amy & Alex

“Thank you for the excellent planning and execution throughout. We’re looking forward to our next project with TDS!”

Carl & Eve

“We could not be more pleased with the renovation process and the outcome. Thank You!”

Sharon & Steve

“We really appreciate your efforts at dust control and the cleanliness that you clearly strived for on a daily basis. Your standards are clearly way above the industry norm.”

Doug & Claudia

“We appreciated how calmly you adjusted your schedule to accommodate problems/issues with other contractors. And very much appreciated your positive attitude – it really helped to minimize the difficulties and give us confidence that everything would eventually come out beautifully-which it has, of course.”

Donna & Chet

“It was great having your carpenters here. They were nice to the kids and respectful our things.”


“You were always there for us and you were always patient, pleasant, and professional We come away from our professional interactions with you with enormous admiration for your integrity and work ethic, with gratitude for the joy of working with TDS and with great affection for you personally.”

Cathy & Bill

The repair work is almost done here and we want to thank you for being so careful and thorough about this attic ceiling. We always figured we’d call TDS again for another project here at some point in the future, but the way you and your company have handles this repair makes us even more loyal. It might be awhile before we are ready for another project, but that day will come and we’ll be calling.

Terry & Tom

“We were happy to find that the work was completed ahead of the expected schedule, and are very pleased with the quality of the work. Also, some of our staff commented that they were impressed with the good attitude and professionalism of your building/installation crew.”

Brad Hinkfuss

Working with TDS was a great experience. If I ever need help with another project…TDS will be called!


“Thank you for your wonderful work on our home at 1811 Kendall. It has never looked better! We are most grateful for your care and excellence.”

Mark & Julia

“As was the case in our first job some years ago, all went splendidly, from design to follow through. Your carpenter is fabulous.”


“Our job included a kitchen and bath remodel as well as bedroom cabinetry. We are very happy with the completed project and quality of craftsmanship. Sam and Bert were both a pleasure to work with…professional, fun, responsive and courteous. The drawings Bert drafted on the computer were very helpful and impressive – considerably better than those received from either Kitchen Mart of Wisconsin Supply. I also appreciated the flexibility of working with TDS. For example; we ended up having kitchen cabinets made from birch for a number of good reasons and this was not an option from other places. TDS provided excellent, professional and very personal service from start to finish. We were impressed! Thanks!”


“I am extremely pleased with my “new house”. I call it that because now I can enjoy the backyard, something that I haven’t been able to do for the past 25 years. For the suggestions that Sam made at the very beginning, I am forever grateful!! Everyone in the neighborhood says the addition looks like it has always been there, and that is exactly what I wanted. They are all in awe that someone could match the old turn-of-the-century trim inside. I am extremely pleased with my new living space. Thanks so very much for all your hard work!”


“TDS does great work. They can handle complicated jobs involving unusual construction or structural details. Phil and Tom are the best! Visitors love our “new kitchen”….more importantly, we do!”

Kevin & Rita

“After about a year of trying to find a contractor and running into a lot of discourtesy and obvious unwillingness with having to work for a single, older woman; TDS was wonderful! It was definitely worth waiting for better work and service!”


“Your work overall matched or exceeded our standards for quality. We love the house and are all so grateful to have found you. We would use TDS again in a second. You are the antidote to construction horror stories. We are especially appreciative of the one-year warranty that you have. Tom and Ben worked unbelievably hard with meticulous attention to detail. Hold on to those guys! Bert was very easy to work with; he was adept at tuning into and even anticipating what we wanted.”

Willy & Susan

“We were very happy (thrilled) with the quality of work.Whenever something unforeseen came up, it was always handled with thoughtfulness, integrity and a good solution, not just a quick or “easy” fix. We were also very pleased with the level of communication and patience throughout. Ben was very detailed and organized as well as very enjoyable to work with. As well as Todd. They were easy people to have in our home. Starting with the design, Eric and Nancy always listened and produced exactly what we were looking for, which is no easy task to translate people’s words to a design. From start to finish, we were extremely pleased with everyone we worked with. Eric had no easy task with the change orders and he always handled them very gracefully. Thank you for producing or vision (okay Sam’s too!). You all were a true pleasure to work with. We couldn’t be happier with the work and the process. P.S. We look forward to working with TDS again in the future.”

Cynthia & Zach

“As newcomers to Madison, we were looking for a home to meet the needs of our busy family of five. After renting for one year, and deciding where we would like to settle down, we began our search for a permanent home. As a result of the still sluggish market, the inventory of homes was small, but we finally found a winner in our price range and desired location. We decided to make some modifications to the space in order to better meet the needs of our family.

Our renovation list included: removal of a basement kitchenette, and subsequent closet installation; mudroom addition; laundry/bath combination space remodeled into separate functional spaces; extensive kitchen remodel; second floor bath addition; master bath and closet remodel.

We want to formally send an overdue but heartfelt thank you for a job very well done! From the moment we met with Sam, we felt confident that TDS was the builder we wanted to partner with for our extensive renovation. Sam struck us as highly professional, focused, honest, and a stickler for excellence. We later realized that these qualities were shared by the entire TDS staff! We had a very tight timeline in which to complete the work, and after reviewing our renovation list, Sam was able to assess what would be possible, how long the project would likely take, and the estimated cost. As we later thought about the entire process, a few things really stood out:

Professionalism and Customer Service: From our initial consultation until our renovation was complete, we never had an interaction with anyone from TDS that was less than completely courteous and professional. Additionally, the staff from all of the other service business partners, from plumbing, to tile, to electrical, to heating/ventilation and more, maintained the same level of professionalism. It is clear that high standards of communication, craftsmanship, and follow through are cornerstones of the business.

Neatness/Cleanliness: While we did not live in our home while the renovation was in process, we could certainly imagine having done so. We would frequently stop in the house after the crew had left for the day, and were always impressed with how neat, clean, and orderly they had left all work areas.

Excellence: We cannot emphasize enough the quality of workmanship from everyone who was involved in our renovation. Many of the renovations required matching of new and existing cabinetry, flooring, and exterior surfaces, and it was all executed seamlessly.

Coordination/Scheduling/Communication: One of our biggest worries about deciding to renovate on a large scale was the potential to veer off of the schedule. One of the reasons we chose to work with TDS was their commitment to complete our project on time. In fact, they helped us maintain our own deadlines related to product selection or other design decisions. We felt confident in the commitment, and TDS certainly delivered.

Ben, our lead carpenter, was a master at coordinating the various sub-contractors and the endless details involved in the process. He was incredibly calm, and confident, even when unexpected and sometimes inevitable delays or changes occurred. He would take it in stride, confer with us, and suggest some equally workable alternatives that would still keep us on track. Brilliant! Nancy was so helpful in creating a new vision for our modified kitchen plan, and managed to squeeze a lot of requests into a small space that works! Eric kept the project, and us, on budget and on target.

It is clear that everyone at TDS, from Project Development to Field Production, knows the meaning of teamwork at its best. Somehow, they manage to make all of the moving parts work together.

Going the extra mile: In everything they do, TDS goes the extra mile. They maintain a culture of excellence and customer service, and it really shines through.

To everyone who helped create our new living space, we thank you. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

The Kaufmans