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Chrysalis Award 2007 Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel $40,000 – $75,000

Traditional kitchen remodel with white custom cabinetry and granite countertops in Madison, Wisconsin.

This project’s main objective was to give the kitchen a much-needed facelift without changing the footprint or basic layout of the space. The client wanted a clean, uncluttered look that was appropriately elegant for the age and style of the house, yet more contemporary in feel. The primary challenge in attaining this goal was to make the structural soffit over the range area appear less obtrusive. Raising it by only three inches eliminated most of the visual “heaviness” and allowed the installation of an arch within the alcove, creating the feel of an intentionally recessed hearth area for cooking.

White cabinetry with divided lite windows emphasizes the spaciousness of this kitchen. Chrome accents pick up the stainless steel appliances and contrast nicely with the tiled walls. Two recessed grottos and an arch above the stainless hood, make the stove area a focal point.