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Chrysalis Award 2006 Whole House Remodel

Best Whole House Remodel over $500,000, Madison Trust for Historic Preservation Award 2006

The restoration of this stately Tudor revived interior and exterior details, while incorporating energy efficiency improvements and adding new living space. The project included major structural improvements, and exterior restoration work, as well as interior remodeling and detailing.

This large-scale restoration not only preserved the home’s historic and architectural integrity while adapting it to a more contemporary lifestyle, but also comprehensively addressed the structural problems that had lead to its deterioration. Rotting walls and dormers were rebuilt, the roof was re-engineered, and a drainage system was incorporated into the unfinished basement, which now houses an office, laundry, sewing room, and half-bath. The side entry was reworked through the seamless integration of a new stone staircase, and wherever possible original windows and doors were salvaged and restored, as was the original hardwood flooring.