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Charming, historically accurate, and practical small garage built by TDS Custom Construction in Madison, WI.

Regent New Garage

A Charming New Garage for a Madison Landmark Home

The close-knit lots on the near west side give a great sense of community, but making adjustments to the small and often historically protected sites can be a challenge for builders. Hoping to design a new garage with their future home exterior updates in mind, the owners of this beautiful Wisconsin landmark home contacted TDS due to our reputation for working with historically sensitive homes.

TDS worked with the City of Madison Landmarks Commission and the homeowners to create a design that met the standards for working on a landmark site. Designing with the future home exterior in mind, TDS worked within the codes and setbacks of the neighborhood.  The result is a charming and practical one car garage that exceeded the client’s expectations and is ready to compliment their future exterior renovation.

TDS Construction Mark
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Neighborhood: Regent
  • Categories: Custom, Exteriors, Build, Garage

I appreciated Christi really thinking about the coloring of my garage and staying in contact to make sure everything was right. It felt good to know that someone was thinking of my project back at the office, studying it and making sure we would be happy with the result. Sean was great to work with on-site—answering all my questions and inquiries. Everyone was approachable and answered my questions throughly and with good customer service.

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