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Nathaniel Carlsen


Alt Job Title: “The Transplant

“I compulsively pursue new interests, projects, and skills. When I finish one project, I am usually already dreaming of another, often in another medium. Then I jump in headfirst.”

Nathaniel Carlsen

Before Nathaniel joined the TDS Custom Construction team in 2023, he lived on an un-bridged island in Maine on and off for close to 2 years, giving him a profound appreciation for the outdoors and close-knit communities. While in Maine, he worked as a general contractor, helping build and maintain houses. He also worked as an independent contractor, collaborated with other carpenters on the island, and ran his own painting job. Nathaniel is a firm believer that there is always a solution to be found, whether through ingenuity or sheer physical will. As a result, he gratefully values TDS Custom Construction’s commitment to sustainability and quality construction.

What unique things do you bring to TDS? What do your colleagues value in you as a coworker?

I bring a creative, problem-solving mindset and an easygoing personality. My colleagues value that I come prepared and can think outside of the box. Finally, I always keep a length of rope in my van, a Maine habit that always ends up coming in handy.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time I play guitar, ride my bike, and dream of creating funky buildings and human powered machines. I also enjoy hiking, making dinner for friends, and reading science-fiction.

What is your favorite tool?

My toolbelt. It took me many hours to make but now all my tools are exactly where I want them to be.