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Kevin Hayes-Birchler

Project Manager

Alt Job Title: “Smile Supervisor”

“I love to be able to stand back and know that the product I’ve produced is of the highest quality both above and below the surface.”

Kevin Hayes-Bircher has been with TDS since 2016. He graduated with honors from Madison College Construction & Remodeling program. At TDS, he is working to streamline the construction process, while also fine-tuning his own finishing capabilities. Kevin brings positive energy, a strong work ethic, and problem solving abilities to his work as a project lead. He believes in working hard to ensure both that potential problems are addressed before they arise, and that projects are completed in a timely manner. He values quality and thoughtfulness, and he takes the time to think things through to make sure that we end up with the best possible product. Kevin is an avid bike rider, and enjoys building and racing bikes.

What do you value about TDS as a company? What makes you proud to work here? 

TDS provides a sensible design that I can translate to a high quality finished product. Our employees are treated well and rewarded with a job well done.

Favorite tool (power tool or otherwise): 

I love my miter saw. It’s a highly capable tool that allows me to cut trim to perfection.