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Christi Weber

Director of Design & Architect

Alt Job Title: “Passive House Pro”

“I feel a deep connection to places. I know how much the spaces we inhabit can affect us. Whenever I design a new space for someone that is not just functional, but delightful to be in, I feel like I’m giving them something that will improve their everyday experience. And remodeling, specifically, breathes new life into old houses—and frankly that idea makes me very happy.”

Christi has been with TDS since 2017. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she’s been in the design field for over 15 years, specializing in residential projects, Passive House, Net-Zero and High Performance homes. She was Wisconsin’s first Certified Passive House Consultant. Christi is also skilled at listening, asking good questions and designing individualized, functional and beautiful spaces for her clients, whether the project is small or large, a remodel or new construction. In her spare time Christi enjoys spending time with her family, reading, taking hikes in the woods, and working on her own house.

Professional and Life Experience Christi brings to TDS: 

Masters in Architecture, over 15 years design experience, Certified Passive House Professional. Drive, curiosity, and organization.

What makes her proud to work at TDS

The camaraderie, respect, flexibility, and the work itself.

Favorite tool (power tool or otherwise):

Critical thinking