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Ben Blodgett


Alt Job Title: “Life Long Learner”

“A job well done, community pride, and small business are my passions.”

Ben started at the company as a laborer back in the last century (1999, to be precise). After fifteen years as lead carpenter in the field, he made the move to office-life as general manager of TDS as a prelude to purchasing the business and running the company.

As of 2021, Ben has taken the lead as the company’s new owner and is excited about TDS’ legacy of sustainability, durability, and integrity—while adding more of his own passionate interests in passive home and green building practices to the business model. As owner, he oversees day-to-day functions, creates well-defined processes that delight clients and is a support system for everyone at TDS.

Ben grew up near Muncie, Indiana. As a child, he loved to organize the spaces around him—sock drawers, the family junk bin, his own room. He’s still using these practiced organizational skills at TDS. He loves working in his vegetable garden, hiking, adding birds to his life list, and working on his home. In 2019, Ben committed to meditating every day for an entire year, and his ongoing practice continues to be a source of meaning and growth. “Sitting in mindful awareness has been life-changing for me,” Ben says.

What life experience do you bring to your work at TDS?

My parents grew up on a dairy farm and ran a feed mill in a small town. I was born on a community farm, worked in wood shops, and as a landscaper before starting at TDS as a laborer.

What do your colleagues value in you as a coworker?

I like to think I’m really steady day to day, always willing to learn new things, and always looking to improve.

What gives you a sense of pride?

I take great pride in my growth as a carpenter turned owner, and I always revel in a happy client and a beautiful project. I really like seeing change come to successful fruition.