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New Certified Lead Carpenters at TDS

Adding Value & Expertise to Our Team 

Alexander Bartlett CLC, Martin Gutierrez CLC, and Kevin Hayes-Birchler CLC, of TDS Custom Construction are now certified by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) as Certified Lead Carpenters.

These designations prove a remodeling contractor’s knowledge, technical comprehension and skill in their corresponding area of expertise.

A Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC) is a hands-on field pro who oversees the technical aspect of the project, including personnel management and materials flow while working on the project.

Attaining this certification requires five years of continuous full-time experience in the remodeling industry, two of the years as a full-time lead carpenter. Successful candidates must complete the application detailing background and experience, and pass a comprehensive assessment exam on pre-construction issues, technical knowledge and special skills such as people and job management.

NARI’s certification programs are designed to set high standards for the remodeling industry, with the goal of increasing the level of professionalism and driving customer satisfaction and profitability for the company. For homeowners, these standards also ensure that the remodeling professional you invite into your home will be capable of addressing your home improvement needs, having participated in an extensive education program, testing and review.

Certified individuals must complete continuing education requirements on an annual basis to retain their certifications by attending industry-related seminars, workshops and classes each year to keep their knowledge current. Certified professionals must also adhere to NARI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Consumers may wish to search to find a qualified professional who is a member of NARI or call NARI of Madison at (608) 222-0670 and request a free copy of our NARI Directory.