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Screen porch and deck with railing added to a Middleton, Wisconsin home by TDS Custom Construction.
Christi Transforming a Wisconsin Garage into a  “High-Performance” Workshop

TDS Design Build’s very own Director of Design & Architect, Christi Weber, recounts how she and her husband turned their detached garage into a high-performance…

Christi Green Building Advisor: The “Slabless” Slab

Christi Weber, TDS’s Director of Design, talks concrete-free foundations for the future. The construction industry is facing a critical challenge: the environmental impact of concrete.…

Christi Fine Homebuilding: Christi Weber, Architect

Fine Homebuilding ’s latest feature is all about TDS Design-Build’s very own Christi Weber in their #KeepCraftAlive series. The series highlights individuals who have passionately…

Passive House Now Hiring  – We are Growing our Team

Join our team and put yourself on a path to a successful, lifelong career. At TDS, we offer interesting work and a pathway to furthering your career goals.