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A New Blueprint at TDS

New year, new ownership

As we all look to the end of 2020 and prepare for what 2021 has in store, we at TDS have some news of our own to share about what the new year will hold.

As of January 1, 2021 TDS Custom Construction’s President Sam Breidenbach has retired and transferred ownership of the company to Ben Blodgett. Sam will still be advising and working with Ben through 2021 as needed, so most everything about the day-to-day operations will stay the same. TDS will continue to be the forward-thinking, professional design/build team that first established itself under Sam’s leadership 35 years ago.

When I started TDS with a friend in 1985, I never imagined that I would still be operating the company in 2020. Time really flies! Now, it’s time to retire to a new chapter in my life, not necessarily from TDS, in order to explore other pursuits with my wife, my children, my community, and the world.

Ben Blodgett Hammers Out a New Vision

With the transfer of ownership to Ben Blodgett, TDS Custom Construction has the exciting opportunity to be able to preserve continuity within the company while simultaneously moving the company forward.

So, what can you expect to change at this transitional moment in TDS’s history? Happily, a lot will stay the same—we will continue to provide the same creativity, expertise, passion, and commitment to sustainability, that provided the vision for this company in the first place.

Going forward, TDS’s A-team of managers, designers, and carpenters will not change. With Ben’s expert guidance and leadership, the entire team at TDS is positioned to continue exceeding expectations for our clients and in the community, carrying the legacy of the past 35 years well into the future.

“This is a very exciting transition for me, Ben and the entire staff at TDS.,” Sam says. “They will continue to operate the company in a friendly, customer driven, and professional manner, bringing new ideas, renewed passion, and energy that builds on the previous 35 years of service to you and our community.”

I’ve learned so much from Sam over the years, and I’m proud to carry on the tradition of excellence and craftsmanship that has defined this company.

Join Us in Wishing Sam a Happy Retirement!

”I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for enlisting your trust in TDS to work on, and within, your homes for the last 35 years,” Sam says. “It has been a pleasure and an honor!”

From all of us at TDS, it has been an honor and a pleasure working with Sam for all these years, and we wish him the very best for this exciting new chapter ahead.

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