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Elliot Samuel-Lamm

Lead Carpenter

Alt Job Title: “Ensign”

“I would love to pet your dog. It doesn’t bother me at all if it jumps on me or barks at me. I have pets, too, and will be very careful not to let a cat or dog sneak out of the door I’m using. Cats are great, too. No snakes, please!”

Elliot joined TDS in 2020. Before that, he worked as a carpenter for several years in Madison and did a fair bit of restoration work on the old YWCA in Janesville. Elliot appreciates the friendly work environment at TDS, our commitment to quality, and most of all, our commitment to safety—especially with regard to lead remediation. He also appreciates our progressive values and our support of the BLM movement.

Recently, Elliot and his wife bought a large house built in 1864 that had been abandoned for 30 years. They are currently living on the first floor and working on making the second floor functional. All of his free time goes toward fixing up the house and taking care of his kids; he says he has heard of hobbies and that they sound interesting.

What do your colleagues value in you as a coworker?:

Under usual circumstances, I’d say my smile, but we’ve all had to wear masks since I started here.

What gives you a sense of pride?:

Rot repair and restoration—making damage or rot disappear. I like to zone in on something for hours at a time and get into a creative flow state.

Favorite tool (power tool or otherwise):

Commercial espresso machine or flip open box cutter.